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hefemill.gif (26994 Byte)Tobias and I decided to celebrate New Year's Eve again in Hamburg. We first hoped Jan would join us this time but sadly though he didn't want to join us. Finally Maik came with us. Tobias and Maik had a lot to drink in their rucksack for the trip to Hamburg and the party started in the railway. When we arrived at the Backstage we helped Kathrin a little bit decorating the pub. At the beginning some sweet girls came into the pub but they only had one drink and then they left,...
Hmm, what else to say? The night became very long again and some musicians came into the Backstage, first of all again Mike Terrana and later on 'Weiki' came in. Mike T. stayed very long and we had a very interesting talk about rowing and drumming. Tobi flirted with a girl that also had been there together with Mike and his girlfriend. I knew the girl from the Gamma Ray tour. It was fun seeing Tobi giving his best!
We did not change places for the fireworks but went outside when it was almost 12 o'clock. It was very loud and smelled a lot after fireworks outside. Hmmm, if you ask me it was again one of the best trips to Hamburg but again, the best team to be in Hamburg is together with Jan! We had some problems travelling home by train because the one we wanted to take did not arrive. It was great that we did not have to pay for the trip home again, like last year on New Year. I only have to add: don't eat to much Mc Donald's food after so much beer and don't puke out of a train into the wrong direction! ;-)

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Part VII - 'The Second Millennium Trip'

name_bs.gif (636 Byte) our seventh trip together to Hamburg (31. December 2000/01. January 2001)

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(1): This year's Millennium Team: Harald, Tobias, Maik (from left to right)

mil_hh_2.jpg (68434 Byte) mil_hh_3.jpg (80094 Byte)
(1): Tobias and (2) Maik at the beginning of that long night!

mil_hh_4.jpg (73804 Byte) mil_hh_5.jpg (77229 Byte)
(1): Mike Terrana & me, (2): ... & Tobias

mil_hh_6.jpg (60187 Byte) mil_hh_7.jpg (84819 Byte) mil_hh_8.jpg (74945 Byte)
(1-3): The party goes on....

mil_hh_9.jpg (80578 Byte) mil_hh10.jpg (81906 Byte)
(1+2): ...and on...

mil_hh11.jpg (80336 Byte) mil_hh12.jpg (93445 Byte) mil_hh13.jpg (68206 Byte)
(1-3): ...and this guy is getting mad! ;-)

mil_hh14.jpg (79556 Byte) mil_hh15.jpg (79388 Byte)
(1): and this guy?, (2): also celebrating!

mil_hh16.jpg (74404 Byte) mil_hh17.jpg (71782 Byte)
(1+2): ...and also going mad!

mil_hh18.jpg (71150 Byte) mil_hh19.jpg (61796 Byte)
(1): he is looking for a piece of his puzzle that came out of the table fireworks;
(2): I think he didn't find it!?

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