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- These pages are dedicated to all people who have been in Hamburg with me,
especially Jan & Tobias and Basti & Kralle from the Schizoid Clan;
it was a f.... great time with you in Hamburg!!! -

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The first times I have been to Hamburg with my family a long time ago. I liked the harbour, the ships, the zoo and the whole atmosphere of that special city. Later on it became my favourite city because of different reasons. First of all I went there to many concerts with friends and got to know the people of my favourite bands Helloween and Gamma Ray. They are living in Hamburg. Furthermore I prefer Hamburg to Hannover (that is where I live) because the whole environment and the streets are much cleaner. I really like to travel to Hamburg. I did it many times up to now, spent the day in Hamburg and went to the 'Reeperbahn' where the Hard Rock Café 'Backstage' can be found. A big must for a visit in Hamburg always is 'Burger King' because it is much better than 'Mc Donald's' in my eyes. Normally I spent the night in the 'Backstage' and travel back the next morning with the first train. This page will show you some photos from my trips with my friends to Hamburg. You will find different sections, see the headlines and texts below the pics for more information. Please enjoy your trip to my loved city.

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Part I

name_hbd.gif (702 Byte) our first trip together to Hamburg (04./05. April 1998)

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(1): me in front of 'Burger King'

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(1): my friend Tobias in front of the city hall of Hamburg, (2): a ship at the 'Landungsbrücken'

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(1+2): all of us having fun at the 'Alster'

name_hbn.gif (748 Byte) our first trip together to Hamburg (04./05. April 1998)

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(1): Jan and me outside on the 'Reeperbahn'

name_bs.gif (636 Byte) our first trip together to Hamburg (04./05. April 1998)

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(1): Tobias next to the bar

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(1): me in front of a guitar and 'Kilkenny' logo, (2): Tobias at the same place

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(1): me in front of the 'Live in the UK'-logo, (2): Jan and me

backstage_logo.gif (8012 Byte)At this point I (we) would like to say thank you to the 'Backstage' for the great time we spent there. Thanks for the great food, the cold beers, the refreshing Cokes (, the hot chocolates Jan always has after his first beer!), some free drinks and the great service all over the years! It has always been a great time we had. Greetings to Kathrin and Kerstin and all guests at the 'Backstage' who have been there at the same time, see yah next time!

name_mor.gif (678 Byte) our first trip together to Hamburg (04./05. April 1998)

nextm1.jpg (71651 Byte) nextm2.jpg (76590 Byte) nextm3.jpg (43220 Byte) nextm5.jpg (66651 Byte)
(1): me sleeping at the railway station, (2): Tobias 'driving' with the escalator,
(3): me in front of a Coke vending machine, (4): me sleeping in the train ('I didn't fall asleep')

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(1): "Tobias, stand straight!", (2): Jan and me in the compartment -
some people said we were to loud,....???

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